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Holiday Season is here and

Gupshup’s got a gift for everyone!

developed by experts at Gupshup

Whatsapp: the most preferred channel

Every brand wants to reach their customers where they are and the timing couldn’t be better. WhatsApp is the world’s most used messaging app with over 100 billion messages sent per day. This makes WhatsApp the ideal channel for businesses of all sizes and functions to engage with their customers.

Gupshup’s Holiday Offer

It’s the season of gifting and we wanted to do the same for brands and agencies trying to go live on WhatsApp. We’re offering 1 free bot in this special program where you can pick any usecase from our menu of bots and the experts from Gupshup will build it for you, FREE OF COST!

Go live with a WhatsApp business account and the bot you select and engage with your audience instantly. No development, integration, set up, maintenance or hidden fee. Just pay for the WhatsApp messages in an easy pay as you go model

Use Cases

Appointment bot

Scheduling and managing the appointments are easy now. Integrate the Gupshup bot to take care of all the manual efforts.

Deals bots

Help your customers know all the hot deals for the day. Try the Gupshup bot to provide a hassle-free experience to all your customers.


Know what your customers think about your brand. Integrate the Gupshup bot to get instant feedback and review of the product.


Never let a lead go wasted. Integrate the Gupshup bot to capture all leads when you are away.


Create an easy contest to engage with your customers. Try the Gupshup bot to help you in suggesting the contest winners.

Store Locator

Help your customer to locate your stores. Integrate the Gupshup bot now to get more footfalls.

Personalized Coupons

Create unique and personalized coupon codes instantly. Try the Gupshup bot to set new deals with the coupon code and increase your business.

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